Kombucha Takes Flight!

Media Spotlight - Menu Innovator® - Kombucha Takes Flight! Media Spotlight – A monthly review with the freshest culinary insight! All of our spotlights are inspired by Menu Innovator®. For more information on Menu Innovator®, email Top Cuisines Latin Asian New American Mediterranean Top Topics Global in the US Beverages National Restaurant Chains Food Abroad Kombucha Takes Flight! Kombucha entered the mainstream, appearing on grocery shelves and restaurant menus across the country. Some of us thought it was simply a craze that would come and go. Maybe it was a health trend with its low calories and probiotics. With fermentation being on-trend, maybe it [...]

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Expanding Coffee Trends

Coffee beverage innovation is one of the top macro movements in the culinary world today. Coffee can be the focus on a beverage menu or play a supporting role in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage development. Cold brew continues its rise to the top of the coffee world, with more and more chains featuring it on the menu and offering unique takes on the beverage. It’s made by steeping ground and roasted beans in cold water for 12+ hours. Experts claim cold brewing results in a sweeter beverage, with less acidity and bitterness. This makes it the ideal choice for flavorings and even additions that run [...]

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