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Classical Cooking Methods

For those of us in the culinary field – whether owner, operator or chef – remaining current and competitive in our field must never come at the sacrifice of value or quality. Consider French and Italian cooking methods as a surefire way to ensure attention to detail and method. While some may consider these cuisines to be dated and predictable, cooking styles like Sous vide and En Papillote can take even the most modern food to another level. Sous vide has been making a comeback and is well known for slow-cooking ingredients in a vacuum-sealed bag in a water bath. A critical component of the [...]

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The Mark, New York, NY (Eclectic)

Regarding Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the New York Times writes “No chef working in America is quite his equal. Many, like him, have created multiple restaurants. A very few, like him, are considered among the best. Even fewer are both. Mr. Vongerichten is able to do more, and he is able to do it better, his style augmented by extraordinary open-mindedness, a willingness to embrace the local culture wherever he might be.” (New York Times, January 14, 2020, “How Jean-Georges Vongerichten Went From ‘No Good Kid’ To 4 Star Chef”). The restaurant is described as elegant, satisfying and presents a luxurious ambiance. The Mark is housed [...]

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