Creating the Future…

All food trends start with great restaurants and great chefs but which ones do you follow? Our targeted system does just that!  Over the last fifteen years, Menu Innovator® has accurately predicted many foods that have entered the mainstream market-saving time and money in development cost.

The Top 100

Most Influential Restaurants “The Guide of Guides”

Our algorithms select the most impactful chefs and restaurants, the people and places, who determine what we will be eating today and tomorrow!

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Menu Analytics

Patented Menu Analysis

Our data post has every menu item, every ingredient and tracks what they all have in common.

  • “Capturing the Chef’s Intention”
  • “Profitable Innovation”
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Media Spotlights

Culinary and Trade magazine summaries “20 in 20”

Twenty hours of reading in twenty minutes. Monthly updates, weekly blogs, annual compilation.

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Menu & Product Essentials


  • “What to have now and in the future.”
  • “New product toolbox.”
  • “Probability and time frame.”
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